• The History of July 4th

    The History of America’s Independence Day “Taxation without representation!” was the battle cry in America’s 13 Colonies, which were forced to pay taxes to England’s King George III despite having no representation in the British Parliament. As dissatisfaction grew, British troops were sent in to quell the early movement toward rebellion. Repeated attempts by the […]

  • Bankruptcy Filings Show Uptick in May

    Bankruptcy filings in May increased compared to the same period in May 2016, according to a news release from the American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) and data provided by Epiq Systems, Inc.  Monthly filings also increased in May compared to April 2017. In total, U.S. bankruptcy filings in May 2017 increased 5 percent from the 66,138 […]

  • Congratulations to Bob Blankenship, 2017 NIADA Quality Dealer of the Year!

    We at NoticeOfIntent.com would like to offer our congratulations to Bob Blankenship, owner of Texas Auto Center on being named the 2017 NIADA National Quality Dealer of the Year. Bob sells 4,000 units a year at 3 locations in the Austin, Texas, region. He has nearly 100 employees, and has made significant philanthropic efforts in […]

  • Today is Flag Day

    Given the tragic events in Alexandria, Va., today it is important to remember that we are all Americans. There is no symbol that epitomizes our country and its Constitution more than our U.S. Flag! Today, June 14, 2017, is Flag Day. Let us all remember this is the Greatest Country on Earth and salute our […]

  • Automobile Repossession Laws Can Be Confusing, Plus they Vary from State to State

    Sending out timely notices, properly formatted with the correct information to customer’s who are in default on their automobile payments is a key concern for automobile dealers and finance companies. Laws and regulations may be similar in several states, but can and often do, differ in many areas. NoticeOfIntent.com had made it their business to […]

  • Repossession Results in Shooting Fatality

    Once again pointing to the need for good insurance coverage for both the dealership or finance company and their repossession agent, a 32-year-old Philadelphia man was shot and later pronounced dead at an area hospital. The shooting occurred during the repossession of Toyota Sienna pickup truck. The deceased man was called to the scene by […]

  • GPS Tracking Makes It Easier to Locate Collateral, But You Must Properly Disclose

    Several years ago, a disgruntled former employee of a buy here-pay here dealership used a current employee’s access to the dealership’s DMS and purposefully disabled a number of vehicles of consumers who were current with their payments. In addition, this employee blared the horns of a number of vehicles in the wee hours of the […]