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This is a great piece of software! Not only is it a time saver, but it is very cost effective. If I take my employee’s time that it takes to fill outall the necessary paper work the old way and pay postage, I am losing money.

Now that time can be spent making collection calls. Plus the bonus of having my accounts going directly to the attorney’s office for collections by just scanning up a few docs and we are in pursuit of the deficiency and once again…my employees are making collections calls instead of being tied down doing manual paperwork, which cost us all money.  I have had great success with this software, their staff and the attorneys they use. It is a time and money saver!


It is with a heavy heart that we share that Willie has gone home to be with the Lord. He will be missed greatly!

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We are free to dream, succeed and protect our investments.
The Constitution is our foundation.
We defend Democracy and support our volunteer military.
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Compliance is Patriotic – Know your customer’s rights, too.
Regulation and revenue go hand in hand.

How much are you leaving on the table?

  • This is the total amount of revenue that your business losses on a yearly basis. For example: 10 accounts are skips each year and they average $7,500. Put $75,000 here. Another example: 150 accounts are repossessed each year. Each one averages a loss or deficiency of $5000, so enter $750,000 here.
  • Lenders use this for the average APR or contractual interest rate for their portfolio. Leasing companies may leave blank unless their is a default rate specified on the lease agreement.
We have the formula that calculates how much money can be recovered from your defaults and charge-offs. The formula uses your annual total of defaults and interest rate to figure the small fortune locked away in your portfolio. Go ahead and see what your missing.
Based on historical data and industry standard liquidation you can see the money you are missing out on!
We perform the impossible, by finding money in your defaulted accounts. It is real money, not pennies on the dollar. Use the calculator to see how much your leaving on the table.
Industry experts worked with us to automate the repo doc process, so you could squeeze money out of your repos, skips and charge-offs.
Fool proof compliance that will save time and make money. 
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